GLE SUV - Model features

*The manufacturer’s stated fuel consumption and electric range figures are based on the legally prescribed NEDC test cycle, which is performed in a laboratory. These are the only figures we are allowed to publish. It is common that differences occur in real driving conditions compared with these certified laboratory values. They result primarily from conditions different from the legally-prescribed laboratory conditions, for example when ambient temperatures differ (the weather is hot, cold, windy, wet), the vehicle is operated under different loads and many other factors. For several years, Mercedes-Benz has fully and actively supported the early introduction of the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure) and the measuring procedure for Real Driving Emissions (RDE). This procedure is designed to supersede the NEDC, with the goal of bringing standardised and real-world consumption closer together.




Prices & Specs

On the road price from £54,690.00
CO2 tax from 17%